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a young man sitting at a table looking at money
one less year alive written on a piece of paper
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a birthday cake with writing on it sitting on a plate
the cake is shaped like a heart and has frosting that says i am in pain
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birthday frog cake
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cake pt2
traumacore cake bday!!!1!!:D
a pink heart shaped cake with the words bad day spelled on it next to other items
a birthday cake with lit candles on it
a birthday cake with lit candles on it
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a green birthday cake with sparklers on top
17th birthday cake
a cake with pink icing and the words dancing queen on it's frosting
dancing queen
there are two frogs sitting on top of the cake
a heart shaped cake sitting on top of a pink plate
🧝🏻‍♀️𓄹 ࣪ ˖ Ꮺ