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I had a psychic who used playing cards, not tarot cards, to give me a reading. Old School. well i never thought of it like that

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Fact: the chicken shares the most DNA with a T.Rex* *yes, we have T.Rex DNA, if you didn't know that you're a little behind.

Interesting Facts about Cats!

Funny pictures about Strange facts about cats. Oh, and cool pics about Strange facts about cats. Also, Strange facts about cats.

5 Uses of Seltzer Water

8 Surprising Ways to Use Club Soda

After a dip in the pool or ocean, give your hair a quick rinse with a bottle of seltzer water. The fizziness will gently remove any chlorine or salt buildup. Read more: Cleaning Hair - Uses of Seltzer Water

10 Fun Facts You Probably Never Knew About New York City

10 Things You Probably Never Knew About New York City

The sprawling Big Apple is home to many secrets. See if you knew any of these facts, and explore New York City even further with Wonderground, a new game from GE.

An apple a day!

So trade that "cup-a-joe" (or these days "cup'o-bucks".as in starbbucks) 4 fruit.

Talk about a major makeover!

Shrek the Sheep from New Zealand hid in a cave for 6 years. When found had 60 pounds of wool on its body, enough for 20 suits. Laugh your self out with various memes that we collected around the internet.

Imagine how many SodaStream drinks one of these babies could garnish!

A few random facts that will knock you on your a## (48 Photos)

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10 Tallest Trees on the Earth This is a list of 10 largest trees in the world. The exact locations of 10 tallest trees in the world are .

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If you and your family have lost a loved one to a Wisconsin wrongful death, the holidays can increase the feelings of loss and loneliness. Our Wisconsin wrongful death attorneys offer these tips for coping with the holiday season.

Use those tendons to fizz!

Its technology may be simple, but Avocado, a private social network for romantic partners, has tapped into some deep psychological processes to bring lovers closer together.