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how to sew a box cushion cover for sofas and couches with video instructions
How To Sew A Box Cushion Cover - noelle o designs
a woman's hand on top of paper with the words how do i copy a pattern from a garment already have?
How To: Copy A Pattern From A Garment You Already Have | Turning Your Clothes Into Sewing Patterns
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20 ways to use worn out clothes that you've never thought of
Camper, Sewing Pillows, Box Cushion, Diy Sewing Projects, Upholstery Diy, Sewing Box
How To Make A Box Cushion In 30 Minutes
a close up of a blue cloth on a table
Learn to Sew Inseam Pockets Into Scarves
Inseam Pockets (good for hiding things in scarves)
someone is holding an umbrella with the words you'll never donate your old t - shirts again instead you'll lay them knoted on the couch like this
You’ll Never Donate Your Old T-Shirts Again. Instead, You’ll Lay Them Knotted On The Couch Like This.
You’ll never donate your old T-shirts again. Instead you’ll lay them knotted on the couch like this.
sewing tips for interfacing to fabric with text overlay that says sewing tips
Interfacing Sewing Tips | National Sewing Circle Video
Make interfacing your best friend with this sewing tutorial by Aurora Sisneros. Aurora shows how we can use a steam press iron to easily fuse interfacing to fabric. Make several layers within minutes – and use these layers to create a trendy weekender bag!
a close up of a purple thread on a green cloth
20+ Easy Sewing Tips and Tricks You're Going to Love
Tension tips - I've been looking for this all my life, I think :) - This will be so helpful! I have just always called Elizabeth! Thankfully she pinned it too - *smile*
the back of a woman's shirt with text overlay that says how to split hem
Split hem video tutorial
Watch this video tutorial to learn all about how to create a split hem look on almost any garment. #sewingtutorial #terratunic #howtovideo #lovenotions #sewing
a woman in short shorts and a red tank top is holding a silver purse while standing on a wooden floor
Trouser Fitting Tips – Koerbs Bros Stitch Designs
How to make pants and alter pants patterns!
the sewing machine has two red threads on it's side and is facing away from the camera
How to Achieve Ideal Sewing Machine Tension - Threads
How to Achieve Ideal Sewing Machine Thread Tension
the basics of sewing with minky fabric by michael crochet, paperback for beginners
Sewing With Minky | National Sewing Circle Video
Sewing with minky fabric has never been so fun and easy! Stacy Grissom discusses sewing quilts using minky fabric. Minky is a soft, cozy fabric that is great for making baby quilts for your little one, or as a gift! Watch this helpful tutorial that walks us through the set up for sewing a cute and cuddly quilt for a baby.
the instructions for how to sew an edge stitch foot on a quilted tablecloth
Learn How to Use an Edge Stitch Foot
Ever wonder how sewists get perfect topstitching. The secret is to use an Edge Stitch Foot. Learn all about the secrets to better sewing with this amazing presser foot. The Edge Stitch Foot - The Seasoned Homemaker
sewing tips and tricks for beginners
How to sew vinyl on a home sewing machine
SEWING VINYL TIPS & TRICKS - Got your eye on a pretty project that requires vinyl? That’s an amazing fabric but needs a little bit of prepping in advance. Check out these tricks for sewing vinyl to get the best results! #sewing #sewingproject #sewingblogger #sewingtips #sewingforbeginners #beginnersewing #vinyl #fabric
a sewing machine with the words common sewing machine feet and when to use them on it
Common Sewing Machine Feet and When to Use Them
If you’re new to sewing, you may have just started with the standard presser foot that comes on the machine and haven’t yet changed it out. Most machines comes with several different presser feet that can make some aspects of sewing much easier.