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The Scoville Scale of Hotness #chili #peppers

"HOT" NEWS: The Scoville scale is the measurement of the pungency (spicy heat) of chili peppers. The number of Scoville heat units indicates the amount of capsaicin.

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Fred, The Laughing Kitten: You Farted…laughing hysterically George (kitten on the left): It’s not funny. Stop Laughing Fred…MOM! Freds Laughing at me again

2.The Crooked Forest

The Crooked Forest, Gryfino, Poland. This grove of 400 pine trees was planted circa when its location was still within the German province of Pomerania. It is believed that a tool or technique was used to deliberately make all the trees bend in the

VW mini-go-kart

Best VW ever. - Nicole Pittman IDK what this is, if its a ride on, or maybe a mini-go-kart, but its definitely something awesome :D