Bridge, bro, romantic, Autumn, burning colours, trees, awesome, gorgeous, architechture, photo.

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The beauty of autumn

Madame Sherri’s Castle Ruins W. Chesterfield, New Hampshire a sweeping, arched staircase constructed of stone, fallen leaves strewn along its steps, curving upward to end mid-air in the midst of a.

Podzim v Paříži. Na kole ale jezděte kdekoli, dokud to počasí dovolí.

Late autumn fall of the leaves Paris, Only instead of a bike we need scooters

.In winter I think spring will be my salvation, and in summer I think autumn, and in autumn winter, it is always the same, I hope from one season to the next.

WondersOnly: New York Central Park in mom's favorite place in NYC!


When the leaves turn from green to golden brown, and start to tumble down you know its autumn now. ~Lily Autumn my favourite season

A cat, fall, and pumpkin coffee. Autumn Pumpkin Coffee Cat Original Folk Art by KilkennycatArt (Ryan Conners)