Daniela Sniehottová

Daniela Sniehottová

Daniela Sniehottová
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Wrist Lotus Flower Tattoo for Women.

Lotus flower - A lovely flower that can grow in mud and dirty water, symbolizes strength and is very personal to me. I love the idea of a small, simple lotus tattoo.

The Kiss by Gustav Klimt inspired tattoo by Speranza Tattoo, Buenos Aires

The Kiss by Gustav Klimt inspired tattoo. I would love to get a Klimt inspired tattoo, but I fear that the wonderful detail would get lost. This one is done by Speranza Tattoo in Buenos Aires.

Ien Levin.

Selected illustrative tattoo designs by Ien Levin, a Kiev, Ukraine-based illustrator and tattoo artist. Ien Levin's style is influenced b