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Markéta Smékalová

Markéta Smékalová
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Cose da fare prima di morire (N.1)

I was planning a trip there a couple of years ago, but never got to go. I've heard that the Canadian side is better. Must get hubby a passport and update mine before we can explore the Canadian side though.

Start smiling more (:

I smile a lot! People say they never see me without a smile on my face, but most of time more the most it's fake. I want to be able to smile all the time and mean it😊

//Sanne L Brouwer//

Me and my bestie ava slow danced in the rain the other day. We got bored and than went outside in the rain, ran around for a while than got bored. I said, "Slow dancing in the rain!" and we slow dance!