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people are swimming in the clear blue water near an old stone wall with a doorway
Castro Marina, Borgo di Castro, Puglia Italy
an aerial view of the old city and harbor
Marina Serra, Puglia, Italy
a map of the city of cio pugliia, with boats and people on it
Puglia Travel Guide
a map with the words in french and some pictures on it that say,'les plus belles choses la voie et entre d '
Italie : mes plus belles étapes dans les Pouilles - Carigami, le magazine
a map of puglia, italy with the towns and roads labeled in red
Puglia Travel Planning Maps
an old building with steps leading up to it and palm trees in the foreground
Puglia diaries: southern tip of the heel pt 1
people are swimming in the blue water next to some cliffs and buildings on either side
Puglia Travel Guide
many small blue boats are docked in the water near some buildings and people walking around
a woman walking down the street with text overlay that reads guide to visiting monopoli on italy's east coast
Guide to Monopoli on Italy's East Coast
an alley way with potted cacti and other plants
Guide to Visiting Monopoli on Italy’s East Coast - Truth of Traveling
the water is crystal blue and clear in this town's coastal area, with buildings on either side
Best beaches and lidos around Monopoli - Puglia - AWESOME BERLIN
some rocks and water with the words, 12 best beaches in pugila italy
Best beaches in Puglia Italy: A guide to sun, sea & sand | It’s all trip to me