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Proud rolling by Aliveful on DeviantArt
Proud rolling by Aliveful
character commission by NorthernRed on DeviantArt
character commission by NorthernRed
spooky doggo by Remarin on DeviantArt
spooky doggo by Remarin
~update~ part 2 by Remarin on DeviantArt
~update~ part 2 by Remarin
an adult coloring book with flowers and leaves in black and white, the cover is blank for
Adult Coloring Binder Cover Pages Perfect for Back to School
Back to School Binder Cover Adult Coloring Pages DIY Wall Art
a poster with instructions on how to draw animals
Doggies vs. kitties!!! Drawing refs!!!!!
an image of birds flying in the sky with words below it that read how to draw bird wings
How to Draw Bird Wings by SPARROUU on DeviantArt
Rough test - The file name for this was “ Buy more of that nice coffee” Cause, you know… it makes complete sense to write a shopping list like that… :P
¯\_( owo )_/¯
animation practice i guess??? aaaa don’t mind the last two they’re just a bunch of silly ocs but i liked the animation also @poitense look i animated our son 0v0
a cartoon character is flying through the air with his arms out and eyes wide open
Another beautiful piece of artwork of #feelingsirius by squeedge on twitter