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sheet music with the words pistika pro male jezy and an image of a
three black and white paper cut silhouettes of people on horseback, with a man holding a scooter
Jó játék: a tök, a tökmag - Neteducatio
Jó játék: a tök, a tökmag - Neteducatio
several pieces of art are displayed on the wall
an illustrated book with pictures of people and animals
Martin - Víra pro děti
Komix o sv. Martinovi
a black and white drawing of two birds in a frame with one bird looking at the other
a drawing of a man on a horse with the words st nativity written below it
Chalk Drawing * St. Martin Day * Desenho em quadro negro * S. Martinho * celebração * Waldorf
several pieces of paper with pictures of birds and arrows in them on a wooden table
Márton nap - hagyományápolás
Márton nap - hagyományápolás | Csalá
a paper bag with a white and red bird on it's head sitting on a wooden floor
an old sheet music with musical notes in black and white, including the words uz martin na blemm koi
Svaty Martin