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The New ŠKODA Fabia R 5 concept car

A concept of the new rally car developed in Mladá Boleslav was presented to the public for the first time at the 2014 Essen Motor Show from November 29 to December 7.
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Catching the ŠKODA Fabia R 5 in motion is no easy feat.


The New SKODA Fabia R 5 concept car in zebra look

The zebra is seen as a creature of prey in the wild, but the ŠKODA Fabia R 5 is clearly an exception to the rule.

You can almost feel the firm touch of the tyres on asphalt. The ŠKODA Fabia R 5 sits on the road comfortably at breakneck speeds.

As the brand’s first ever production model, the compact car, which was developed from scratch, shows the evolution of the ŠKODA design into a distinctive, punchy design.

The exhaust centre pipe is deafening as you can hear via this link --->

“The world premiere of the Fabia #R5 Concept Car gives an insight into the future of rallying at ŠKODA,” said ŠKODA Motorsport Director Michal Hrabánek.

The New Fabia R 5 concept car features a lot of high-tech. In keeping with FIA regulations, the new racing car is powered by a 1.6-litre turbo engine.