Kateřina Skotálková

Kateřina Skotálková

Kateřina Skotálková
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love the balance of wire and wicker baskets

Stylish little shelves in unexpected places make a home feel custom-built, while also adding some extra storage in a small space. If youre not sure where to keep all of your books, vases, and tchotchkes, let these rooms inspire you to set up a shelf in an

larameeee: Reed Bench by Steven Banken

"You won't be happy until your house contains nothing but your one wooden bench" - Amanda B., well wait until I show you this bench! Reed Bench by Steven Banken

Grapefruit Curd Tarts with Chamomile Whipped Cream

Hi there, Lark & Linen readers! Katie from Butterlust here, back to share another sweet treat with your beautiful faces. Today, we’re celebrating winter citrus. Whether you’re stuck under a pile of snow (like Jacquelyn and Sage), or sporting a tank top an