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a person holding a green drink with cucumber and elderflower spritz
Mocktail Recipes | Natalie Battaglia on Instagram: "Cucumber Elderflower Spritz Mocktail 🥒 I adore a cucumber/elderflower combo - the crisp fresh taste of cucumber combined with the sweet floral of elderflower is always a winner. ✨Don’t forget to save this recipe✨ This recipe can also be made as a punch in a pitcher ✨🥒 Ingredients ▫️2oz cucumber juice, store bought or homemade* ▫️1/2-1oz elderflower cordial or syrup ▫️1oz lime juice ▫️1/2 cup dry sparkling wine or soda Add all ingredients to a wine glass and stir gently. Garnish with an optional cucumber ribbon and edible flower. *To make the cucumber juice: blend 2 inches cucumber and 2 tablespoons water in a small blender and strain. Cheers and enjoy! #boozefree #nationalsoberday #mocktails #nonalcoholicdrinks #alcoholfree #al
there is a pink drink in the glass with flowers on it and slices of fruit
Pink Flamingo - Empress 1908 Gin
three glasses filled with ice and flowers on a tray
Creamy Coconut Lime Mojito (with a Thai Twist)
there are two bowls with oranges in them and the words cantaloupe slushies
Cantaloupe Cocktail Drink - Salty Melon Slushies with Lime
the blueberry lavender lemonade is garnished with fresh berries
Blueberry Lavender Lemonade [15 Minutes]
Blueberry Lavender Lemonade [15 Minutes] - Chasety
two glasses filled with drinks sitting on top of a wooden table next to pineapple slices
The Colada Sunrise Recipe
The Colada Sunrise
two glasses filled with pink lemonade punch sitting on top of a blue table cloth
Peach & Guava Lemonade Punch - Summer Cocktail Idea
peach pomegranate lemonade in a pitcher next to sliced peaches
a close up of a drink with watermelon and lime garnish on it
Frozen Watermelon Coconut Mojitos
watermelon and pineapple drink in a bowl with text overlay that reads, watermelon pina coladas
Watermelon Piña Coladas
two glasses filled with pink and green drinks
Watermelon Coconut Cream
Watermelon Coconut Cream - this refreshing, vegan blend is the perfect summer dessert, smoothie, or even cocktail! #watermelonrecipes
two glasses filled with blood oranges and garnished with herbs on a white table
Bitter Grapefruit Vodka Cocktail Recipe | The Feedfeed
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a pitcher filled with liquid sitting next to some fruit near a swimming pool and trees
Peach-Pineapple-Lemonade in 2022 | Healthy drinks, Healthy drinks recipes, Summer drinks
two glasses filled with green smoothie on top of a cooling rack next to purple and white flowers
Honeydew Mojito Slushies - Yes to Yolks