Black Cardboard SWALLOW

Black Cardboard SWALLOW This is the bird that appears in the book "Song of the Swallow." This is a good idea for children to see what a swallow looks like.

Abeilles rouleau papier toilette

DIY Kinder Bees and Toilet Paper Roll Honeycomb DIY Kinder Bees and Toilet Paper. Could create this for practical life. Place on a tray- allow students to use large tweezers to place plastic bees in and out of the honey comb


Some sort of star shape board. Points coming out from the middle on to which you can stick the weekly words.

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Les 6 Maisons jardinières - Tête à modeler

ympyröistä palloksi

DIY tutorial (recycled paper or carton) would do this with non flamable plastic heat resistant, and turn into lamp