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Cool Shipping Container Cabin | 12 Cool Container Homes |
Collectible cheat sheet posters in learning electronics and building projects. | Le crowdfunding est une façon démocratique de répondre aux besoins en financement de votre communauté. Contribuez dès aujourd'hui !
The E.D.G.E:  a 340 sq ft prefab home with a modern, minimalist design.
433 MHz Coil loaded antenna
A 312 sq ft shipping container home, currently available for sale in Missouri for $47,900
A 118 sq ft cabin in Norway
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Circle of fifths.
The shelter end is build with rafters and roots, and with a small gap to maintain some natural light inside the shelter. We just need some shutters to close the other end when it's really cold and windy. #naturalshelter #leanto #bushcraft #rafters #improvement #roots