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Matching tattoo idea so we will forever be reminded of our love. Our connection through music is like no other and I know our hearts will always beat for each other.

Neat music and heartbeat tatt

I am getting this I don't care what my parents say. "Indian girls don't get tattoos" well, just one small one won't hurt

small tattoo of music player icons in the wrist

I like these only I would customize it for me having Cardiomyopathy

I like these only I would customize it for me Having a heart flow mummur is something ill have the rest of my life. May something like still beating

Tattoo Idea/ love it if the feather was replaced with a peacock feather...

stay strong infinity feather dove tatoo idea next tattoo¿♥

Notes, music staff and treble clef vector | Vector Graphics & Vector Illustrations

Notes, music staff and treble clef Vector Graphics & Vector Illustrations

Cross Heartbeat

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Source: Instagram user rockvoltage

Small Tattoos Designs Tiny Tattoos Heartbeat-Tattoo-for

Tatuagem no pulso ❤

101 Remarkably Cute Small Tattoo Designs for Women-No one on earth can question…

Music, watercolour ... maybe have it move wavy?

music note tattoo // 25 meaningful tattoos for introverts