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Back to School Vintage
Vintage officeware for your office!
a person holding up a gold ring with the word jesus on it
Solid Brass LATER Letter Mail Holder / Office Paper Clip / | Etsy
Best get your Christmas shopping done sooner than later! Solid brass clip in the shop.
a basket with pictures, photos and scissors on it next to a potted plant
Back to School is just around the corner. Get your office decor ready!
a person holding up a paper clip in their hand
Monstrous brass office paperclip. Perfect for displaying important notes!
the back to school items are on display in front of a white background with text
back to school oldskool style. fun abc letter chips. industrial retro stapler in silver. gorgeous marble horse bookends for the shelf.
a wooden frame with pictures and postcards on it
Handmade Message Board Organizer // Repurposed Salvage // Wall | Etsy
repurposed message board
two small globes sitting on top of a table next to each other, one with the world in it's center
Repogle World Globe // Raised Relief Atlas // 12 Inch // Back | Etsy
vintage raised relief world globes
a wooden box with some type of thermometer in it's display case
retro phone address books
a desk lamp sitting on top of a table next to a white cow skull head
Shabby Chic Tan Goose Neck Office Lamp // Industrial | Etsy
love love this industrial vintage lamp.
several pairs of scissors are laying next to each other
Old antique office scissors. Office supplies. My scissor collection. Very industrial.