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Slovak Cuisine

All the yummy recipes from Slovakia
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Kapustnica - Slovak Christmas sauerkraut soup - classic!

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Suzann hitchhinking around the world: How to make Halusky (typical slovakian food) if u are outside of Slovakia

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Do you have a sweet tooth? Try buchty na pare, my favourite sweet meal - Slovakia dough filled with plum jam and sprinkled by poppy and sugar. Yummy!

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Skalický Trdelník

Trdelnik - a sweet pastry originally from Slovakia

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Brown bean soup with potatoes

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Back to Slovakia...Filled potatoes dumplings with many different flavours. This recipe is for dumplings filled with a chees and added bacon but you could do sweet version with jam or marmalade, nuts or poppy seeds.

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Vianocne medovnicky - Christmas gingerbread

Marbled Bábovka (Bundt Cake) / Mramorová Bábovka, my favourite Slovak cake