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5 Easy Messy Buns For Long Hair Tutorial  I can NEVER get a bun to stay the way i want it to, and the one in the pic actually works for me! F I N A L L Y
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When it come to losing lower body fat and developing the best legs ever, Exercises is the way to go. Though leg fat does not carry the same health hazards as the notorious belly fat, any excess can be problematic especially during the summer when you want to wear shorts, dresses and bathing suits. This fat deposit can be a real embarrassment. Luckily, exercises can help trim much of that fat so you can welcome back your old jeans. Not only that, cardio training such as running and cycl...
My edit ~ this is my wallpaper on my phone  ~ Ashia  ~The Book Thief
My edit ~ this is my wallpaper on my phone  ~ Ashia  ~The Book Thief
I think i would buy a dotted moleskin just so i could do a spread like this!
November, the month of autumn that turns into winter. It all reminds me of falling leaves, twigs, warm sweaters, the fireplace, a lot of cosiness and of course hot chocolate! It’s one of my favorite months of the year and I’m already looking forward to Christmas! Novembers theme was a little different. Most of the time I choose one theme and stick with it. This month I choose for the theme: Building. And with this I mean special and populair buildings in different cities of the world.
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