Printable Bookmark Punch Cards! Such a great way to help motivate your kids to read nightly, with a reward at the end of the month! Love this!

These FREE Printable Punchcard Bookmarks are a great way to help motivate your kids to do their daily required reading! Each bookmark lasts approx 1 month!

I think this is a good picture that symbolizes books. It is like a path of knowledge (books). It is the journey that you will go through.

10 BOOK Furniture Design Pieces Every Bookworm Should Have

I love this enchanted book path print! The Reader's Path, 2012 © Jeremiah D. Germany) - this would make a great mural

{Editable} Daily Schedule Cards - Primary Color Polka Dots. Type your subjects into text boxes!

{Editable} Daily Schedule Cards - Primary Color Polka Dots

Description: These daily schedule cards are perfect for any elementary classroom! The product includes 120 schedule cards, each in 7 color choices.

Gold Medieval Crown craft

Re-create the majesty of the kings and queens of medieval Europe with this wearable crown craft made out of construction paper strips.

au pays des songes

"Little girl walking up stairs to the magic book land" © Elena SCHWEITZER.

Wishing Well

The Power of Poetry to Engage, Inspire, and Empower People Living With Alzheimer’s

Picture Prompts for Writing! Who lives beneath this well? Who draws water from the well? What type of creatures live in the water?