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ostfeldzug: “Portrait of Soviet Guard Sergeant Alexei Frolchenko of the ‘Dvina’ Infantry Division. He was awarded the Order of the Red Star for bravery at the Battle of Kursk, July,.

German soldier of the Wehrmacht firing with his Mg42.

Stalingrad, German soldier (Though frequently posted as "Stalingrad 1943 German soldier" or the like, this is a modern re-enactment plainly credited to Hungarian photographer Balasz Santha. It is not a genuine wartime image.


German infantrymen in heavy winter gear march next to horse-drawn vehicles as they pass through a district near Moscow, in November

Mario Andretti's Honker II at 1967 Riverside Can-Am

Mario Andretti - Honker II Ford - Holman & Moody, Inc. / John Holman - Tenth Annual Los Angeles Times Grand Prix - Can-Am Riverside - 1967 Canadian-American Challenge Cup, round 5