Roll up strips of magazines

Rolled up strips of magazines. (DIY idea for rolled up magazine project, paper crafts, decor, wall art)

lindo para decora o copo quando uma visita chegar em casa

DIY paper butterfly tea bag holder – perfect décor for a garden party or bridal shower, or to pretty up a cup of Your Tea Tiny Tea. -- Would be a good party favor, addition to "pretty up" a tea gift, stocking stuffer, etc.

Paper Chain People

Three pages of printable paper chain people, paper chain animals, and fun paper chain shapes. Just grab you scissors and have some easy kids craft fun!

Paní Zima

Paní Zima - means Mrs. A fairy tale written by the Brothers Grimm.

vrány z roličky od toal pap. čepice z rolička od toal pap

vrány z roličky od toal pap. čepice z rolička od toal pap

Small Marshscape by Debbie Lyddon

Debbie Lyddon, Small Marshscape – Black Loops and Metal Posts, Cloth, Stitch, Wax

Paper Chain People You never know when you might be stuck in a cafe, or on a train, or an airport unexpectedly, with small children... So we always carry a little emergency entertainment kit, which consists of pens, paper, and oh,…

A variety of paper chain templates paper dolls - GREAT SITE for all sorts of paper patterns and crafts. Templates and easy directions!

#Diy cardboard toys

DIY met karton - Flatout Frankie

DIY Cardboard Toys that look like you paid a fortune. Craft time with wrapping paper rolls, some left over cardboard boxes, and white paint.