Czech things/ České věci

Things made in Czech republic - Today, when almost everything is made in China, I prefer things which they are made by our people and they have a soul. /Dnes, kdy je temer vsechno vyrobeno v Cine, davam prednost vecem, ktere jsou vyrobeny nasimi lidmi a a ktere maji dusi.
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Karel Čapek DÁŠEŇKA - about  life of puppy and her master

Dasenka cili zivot stenete (Dasenka 0 the life of a puppy) by Karel Capek, published by Fr.

Lavendel hearts...

Lavendel hearts...

The best tortilla chips ever! Restaurant style ;-) Made in Czech republic.

The best tortilla chips ever!-) Made in Czech republic.

Jiří Trnka book (

Jiří Trnka book (w.

Etsy by Natali on Etsy

The Brooch - Teddy Bear (

The Brooch - Teddy Bear (w.

Lovely! The Mice brooch ( and the cup ( For people with a good sense of humour.

The Mice brooch ( and the cup (w.