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a painting of a woman standing in the water with her arm around her neck, wearing a white sari and gold jewelry
Grace by the Lily Pond • Digital Painting • Procreate • @jovitartist
#illustration #procreate #indianwomanaesthetics #indianwear #ethnicelegance #lilypond #painting #art
a comic strip with an image of a man in the woods
Jillian And Mariko Tamaki's New Graphic Novel Will Make You Wish It's Summer Already
The Comics Post | Vintage Indian Clothing Tumblr, Book Cupboard, Vintage Indian Clothing, Amar Chitra Katha, Horrid Henry, Telugu Language, Redhead Art, Indian Comics, Instagram Animation
The Comics Post
The Comics Post | Vintage Indian Clothing
an artistic painting of women with long hair and hats on their heads, all looking up at the sky
Nabila on Instagram: “ORIGINAL SOLD! You can get a print on my INPRNT shop! (Link in bio)”
someone is holding up their phone case with the painting on it
Hand Painted Mobile Cover by Karan Nandaniya
A New Hand-painted Cover Inspired by @alirezakarimimoghadam ♥️ What a beautiful way to keep Van Gogh alive with us. Thank you for inspiring me to paint this. @bohriali Thank You For the amazing UltraClear Epoxy Resin. ♥️😊 Without the epoxy this product is not possible. . @painting.palette 🙌🌙 . Model - iPhone 13 . . #resinart #mobilecase #iphone #mobilecover #resin #epoxyresin #art #handpainted #painting #indianartist #indianart #gujaratartist #jamnagarartist #handmade #acrylicpainting #acry
DIY Tulips Phone Case 🌷
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