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Not sure if this is real cause it looks like the worm hole in that one movie... Original caption: "The Hubble Space Telescope Just Snapped Photos of the Biggest Black Hole We've Ever Observed"

The Hubble Space Telescope captured new images of distant galaxy NGC home to a supermassive black hole measuring 21 billion times the size of the Sun. post lost-death-cold-black-and-white-depressed-depression-sad-suicidal-suicide-lonely 143338765528

This Is me right now. and I'm here feeling empty but sad at the same time. The narcissist has drained me dry like a Vampire drains it's victim/dinner.


GONE and ALONE by Taraneh Azar Do not repost on any other websites w/out contacting me first or delete the caption

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"My 2016 goals plummeted all the way down to 'survive' really quick."

"My 2016 goals plummeted all the way down to 'survive' really quick.