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the art of mixing typefaces
Info Graphic Sly
The Art Google Mixing Typefaces Google Fonts #Infographics
an image of the different types of space shuttles in this graphic art workbook
Space: planets, stars, rockets. Vector flat set
Space: planets, stars, rockets. Vector flat set on Behance
a series of four different colored plates with numbers on them
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Long Shadow Design Trend
a poster with an image of a city in the middle and mountains behind it, on a wooden surface
Seattle skyline by Rick Murphy / Flat design / Illustration / #poster #flat #illustration
an info sheet with different types of boats in it
Personalization with Automation #infographic
Personalization with Automation #infographic #Marketing #Business
an abstract background with circles and lines
What Space Really Looks Like
an image of different types of paper on the same color scheme as shown in this graphic style
Long Shadow
Flat Design by Rodrigo Gafa, via Behance