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a handwritten note with two sunflowers on it and the words, she kisses like a sweet discovering and i don't know where to touch her because i want all of her
— dorcas meadowes aesthetic
the quote from virginia wolf, the waves that was written in black on white paper
#Violence #Love #Peace Lord, Humour, Love, Violence Quotes, Think On, Hate
#Violence #Love #Peace
Dark Fantasy, Collage, Ink, Wonderland, Tattoos, Peace Quotes
an open bible with the words did you know?
Yahshua - “Yahweh is Salvation”
an arabic text written in two different languages
He found you lost and guided you
a white background with the words do not be afraid i am with you all the time, listening and seeing
Pin by Islamic Quotes on Islamic Quotes | Quran quotes verses, Islamic quotes, Quran quotes
an old typewriter with the words in french, you don't say i miss you
a drawing with words written on it that says, let's know each other until we no longer look like we did when we first started