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an image of a metal door handle on a blue cabinet
Bakes Collection | Luxury Solid Brass Hardware - Armac Martin
an assortment of antique brass door handles and knobs
Beautiful burnished brass from Armac Martin
the different types of doors and windows are shown in this graphic diagram, which shows how to
Guide To: Cabinet Hardware Placement — SYNONYMOUS
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Emtek Providence Door Knob with Rectangular Rosette
four different types of hardware with the words cb2 hardware above them and below it
CB 2
CB 2
two white doors with black handles on each side and one door has mesh panels in the middle
Edamame House - Mim Design
Honouring Albert Park’s renowned period aesthetic Mim Design, in collaboration with architect Alfred de Bruyne, has married the past with the present to transform an existing two-bedroom property. The now highly functional contemporary five-bedroom home showcases a seamless amalgamation of design eras, both internally and externally. Gentle curves in the extension are beautifully expressed in the new cornices, architraves, stone…
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DIY Projects and Ideas
Changing out something as small as door knob and door lock hardware can make a surprisingly big impact on your home’s style. Here, we created a high-contrast, mixed-metal look by pairing complementary light Champagne bronze finishes with darker Venetian bronze finishes. Visit our blog to learn more about on-trend decorative hardware styles.