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two chairs and a table in a room with drapes on the wall behind them Salon & Spa, spa design, interior design, relaxation room, medical design, lighting
a living room with pink and white flowers on the wall
This bridal and party supplies boutique asked us to make their little new store beautiful and inviting. We used pastel colours for the walls and neutral colours for the furniture to give it a romantic touch. At the same time we added contrast with industrial elements , like a brick wallpaper and custom made clothing racks
there is a neon sign that says you're looking gorgeous today
Hey Gorgeous!
a neon sign that says hello gorgeous on the wall
Neon signage on flat smoke grey walls for my bathroom/selfie station
Would I dare have this in my home office?...maybe! epic shit. Home Office, Office Interior Design, Interior, Design, Office Decor, Office Walls, Creative Office Space, Office Interiors
Desire To Inspire | Bloglovin’
Would I dare have this in my home office?...maybe! epic shit.
a room that has a chair and lights in it
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a black and white bedroom with a mirror on the wall
Nice and fancy Treatment room, although it has no windows for good outside light, it can work with good lamps.
two brown chairs sitting next to each other in front of a white curtained doorway
Hair by Jess Melany
The shampoo oasis. To break up the shampoo area from the rest of salon and give the client a chance to relax.