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Best Viking Quotes

Brothers are not always about the blood you share. It's about those willing to bleed for you.

Greek Pantheon The Twelve Olympians Myth & Legend. Sculpture

Add elegance to your home with the gods! Our highly collectible pieces conjure ancient tales of Greek mythology and the elite gods and goddesses atop legendary Mount Olympus. The handcrafted set includes Zeus, Poseidon, Hera, Athena, Apollo, Herm...

Mythologies - Hercules 2015 by HewyToonmore on DeviantArt

Here is the updated character reference for my interpretation of the most famous hero in Greek history, and the God of Strength, Hercules, for my series... Mythologies - Hercules 2015

Ares by ReillyBrown on DeviantArt

This is a piece I did to celebrate my studio mate George O'Connor's new graphic novel, Ares: Bringer of War, the newest addition to his popular Olympian... Ares

Top 10 Most Famous Greek Myths | TopTeny.com

Greece was always known for its philosophy, yet add to that the myths that deliver some lessons or have a symbolic significance Pandora's Jar Pandora was

Perseus the Hero by RubusTheBarbarian on DeviantArt

Illustrations I made for a Greek trading Card Game called "Heroes of Ancient Greece". I also worked on Perseus besides Hercules. Pencils and colours on ... Perseus the Hero

Mighty Heracles, Son of Zeus by RubusTheBarbarian on DeviantArt

This is a combined technich of watercolors rendered with a little bit of photoshop.. All enjoy the first superhero of recorded history! Mighty Heracles, Son of Zeus