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DIY Vintage Painting
Difficulty: Easy Supplies • Digital download, printed • Vintage frame (or any frame) • Matte modge podge • Self adhesive foam board • Box cutter/ knife
four different types of metal clips on a wall with the words rub n buff samples
Trying All The Rub 'n Buff Colors
FRAME TV TUTORIAL Such a fun and easy DIY, the most important part is just getting your measurements and angles cut right. The picture moulding should make a good snug fit around your television and the bands on the back just add that extra security. I anticipate this frame to last many years! SEND to a friend who would LOVE to this! #diy #tutorial #frametv #diytvframes #affordable #budgetfriendly #diyhomedecor #rubnbuff #tvart #vintageframes
DIY Home Hack to cover your thermostat
Diy hidden storage
Moss decor
Discover the enchanting world of bottle terrariums! 🌿🍃🍄
Watch as we guide you through crafting your very own miniature garden of serenity inside a glass bottle. Embrace the magic of nature thriving in this self-contained wonderland, adding tranquility to any space. 🌱✨
an old dresser has been transformed into a new piece of art with decorative carvings on the doors and drawers
an old dresser has been painted black and gold with the words very happy with how this one turned out
a white and grey tile with an intricate design
Devonshire Collection | Pattern tiles | StoneImpressions
an open door leading to a bathroom with a toilet
How to Create a Box Molding Wall: Step By Step Directions - How We Do
several different types of stone columns and pillars in various stages of being built into each other
Refreshing your outside facade
5 THINGS YOU SHOULD KNOW ABOUT PAINTING DOORS: 1. Use a waterborne alkyd paint (semi-gloss sheen is most recommended) like Benjamin Moore Advance. 2. Use Mask & Peel on French doors or glass inserts. 3. Use a Zibra triangular paint brush for painting inside of grooves. 4. Tape off transitions. 5. Paint a door edge the same color of the side that swings into a room if the other side of the door is a different color. Paint the hinge edge of the door the other color. Also: Always test for lead on doors built prior to 1980. Test your doors for oil paint using a cotton ball and rubbing alcohol. Rub alcohol saturated cotton ball onto your door. If the paint doesn’t rub off onto the cotton ball, it’s oil based and you’ll likely need an oil based primer first. “Save” this one for later