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an article about the same paint color as it appears
a staircase made out of legos with oranges on the bottom and green railing
A Gaudí-inspired workspace shows that going rural can actually be innovative
A Gaudí-inspired workspace shows that going rural can actually be innovative - News - Frameweb
a person sitting on a bench in front of a brick wall with a circular design
The Continuum House | Project Terra
The Continuum House by Project Terra is a project that combines legacy preservation and contemporary integration. Its design reflects ancestral heritage, blending tradition and modernity. The linear plan in the village symbolizes a homage to history, while the new constructions represent an evolution. The house combines emotional legacies with functional adaptations, showcasing familial history and blending with the evolving environment. Photo Credits: The Space Tracing Company
a large kitchen island in the middle of a living room with two green couches
a bathroom with blue tiles and a potted plant on the counter next to it
Klein blue tiled bathroom
a bedroom with sheer curtains and a bed
a living room with white walls and lots of pillows on the back of the couch
A women's lifestyle destination dedicated to style, entertainment, love, and living beautifully.
the room dividers are open and closed to let in light
there are many cards and papers on the table in front of the computer desk with it's spiral wire holder
DIY setting rack [metal slinky & salvaged lumber]. Thanks to @ericvonzip for the idea. Genius!
an artisticly painted wooden cabinet with a flower on the front and side panels in different colors
Anthropologie Kamala Armoire, £2,198, www.anthropologie.eu
an image of a bird sitting on a branch in a window with curtains hanging from it
an empty room with two easels, a table and a stool in front of it
Instructor Spotlight: Nathalie Kalbach | Sketchbook Skool
the kitchen counter is clean and ready to be used as a cook's pantry