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Trying so hard not to laugh at this because my roommate is studying....but....but... HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA <3

For those of you wondering, the bands are; Fall Out Boy Panic! At The Disco My Chemical Romance (sob), Imagine Dragons Arctic Monkey Pierce the Veil Bring Me the Horizon Sleeping with Sirens and Thirty Seconds to Mars

Yes this Is so true

I had a dream that I met Fall Out Boy last night and it was so fun and they gave me hugs and then TØP showed up (idk), but it was cool until I woke up b

Have you forgotten that incident already? #juststubenvillethings>>> We've got a great system in place<< this happens in Australia too it is so sad, it is just not as bad as American

Second unfriendly reminder that not only is race a huge factor, but so is gender. The black kid may have robbed a convenience store, but the white kid *only* raped a girl. And we all know how our country views rape.

Andy Biersack, Black Veil Brides