This is soo accurate but i mange to stumble over something and have to hide

This is so true, like keep it down parents some people NEED SLEEEP

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Why you never wear GREEN on TV

Why you never wear GREEN on TV

She's a time traveler like Blendin Blandin!Gravity Falls fans you know what I'm talking about <<<< yes Xx

This is the best thing ever... I wonder what will happen during infinity water though with two Peters on the scene...

Chris Evans, Chris Hemsworth, Chris Pratt, Tom Holland and Tom Hiddleston

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Connect four

Connect four

Connect four -

I wanted him to still be alive tooooooo ~ Frigga didn't survive though #HiveSurvives

All but you man...

Seriously Marvel, bring Quicksilver back.

Oh Robert...yup I think it was the same thing at the D23 convention when they were promoting.

I love Robert Downy Jr.

Spider-Man Coming Home.

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My first time going from CoD to Battlefield, I was sniping from a building, then the building was blown up by something (I don't know.), and I fell down and landed on an enemy tank.

Loki ~ Jingle bells...

Jingle bells the loki version This & the batman one are the best XD


Lotr elves grow up to be mcu villians

let me tell u bout hetalia <--- The German ones were precious XD  And Denmark should go sit in a corner and think about what he did for creating Legos.  Stupid Legos.

let me tell u bout hetalia global warming vs sealand