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This free wedge tool for Autodesk Maya is faster and more interactive for creating a wedge operation, letting you easily adjust the size of the arc.

The Drakkar, done in 7 days like a part of Modeling Speedrun, engine

Gadget, Weapons, Weapons Guns, Weapon, Guns, Gadgets, Gun, Firearms

A simple New Orleans house. CryEngine.

A simple New Orleans house.

Blocky Cliff, Sangwook Lee on ArtStation at

Blocky Cliff, Sangwook Lee on ArtStation at

rock,,, 2017 First PersonalWork. Thankyou.

rock,,, 2017 First PersonalWork.

ArtStation - 80 Level Interview // Mastering Materials in Substance Designer, Don Arceta

Clippings from an interview I did with 80 Level. You can find the full article here: https:& I break down some of the components of my substance work. Thanks to Kirill Tokarev for putting this together.

Over the past week in my free time, I've been working on a modular rock/cliff piece for my Pacific Northwest forest environment.

PBR Forest surface texture in Substance Designer, Arseniy "SenChi" Smirnov on ArtStation at

Sticks are baked from high-poly, everything else is generated in Substance Designer.