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a paper cut leaf is on the wall
Montana Sweetpea
paper cut leaf
the wall is decorated with paper trees and other things on it's shelfs
Sito privato
Helen Musselwhite Link leads to lots of amazing photos of nature inspired paper art!
a card with some buttons attached to it
5 DIY Christmas Cards - Learning Liftoff
This card may be better for older students, but it is also a great choice when teaching about lines and shapes.
four different pictures with the words modern art christmas tree printables on them and an image
The Imagination Box Blog
3 free festive printables - a challenging'modern art' coloring activity for kids of all ages
three christmas trees made out of construction paper on a purple background with white polka dots
Blue background with white painted on dots and 6 triangle shaped Christmas Trees with a spin and branches drawn on with gold or brown pen.
a card with green trees on it and snowing in the sky behind them, sitting on a wooden table
Christmas card
a card with snowflakes on it and the words frohe weinhachen
Freitagsvideo/Weihnachtskarte Winterstädtchen - Kreativ mit Stampin' Up!
Freitagsvideo/Weihnachtskarte Winterstädtchen - Kreativ mit Stampin' Up!
an open box filled with lots of different types of umbrellas in it's sides
Lime Tree Design
tins of lavender sardines
three white fish made out of fabric and lace
a white card with a christmas tree on it
Zelf kerstkaartjes maken Celebration, Kerst, Weihnachten, Die, Basteln, Noel
joulukortti ideoita
Zelf kerstkaartjes maken