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Żłobek Miejski nr 1 w Wągrowcu. Projekt budynku - biuro projektowe Wojciecha Błaszaka - Pracownia 21; projekt wnętrz - DECOCAFE
montessori kindergarten interieur – Vyhledávání Google


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First look: MAD Architects' “floating” roofed Courtyard Kindergarten in Beijing | News | Archinect
colored tiles and small mirrors make order and places within the bathroom


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Perforated copper sheet, with beautiful and warm color, is one of the most welcomed perforated decorative panels. Featured with its inherent nobleness touch, most decorative perforated copper products are only polished on the visible side.


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the shelves are lined up against the wall with pegs on them and one is empty
Erweiterung Gemeinschaftsgrundschule in Düsseldorf-Eller - baukunst-nrw
there is a path going through the grass
Wild Gardens Bring Excitement and Beauty to Landscapes
an aerial view of a dirt path in the middle of some grass and yellow flowers
From the Air: late summer meadow | The Meadow
a wooden walkway surrounded by lots of flowers
Tour the Wild, Beautiful Landscapes of Arne Maynard
Tour the Wild, Beautiful Landscapes of Arne Maynard
a red path with white dots on it that says zoom in the grass next to some trees
Activity Landscape Kastrup by MASU Planning
Activity Landscape Kastrup by MASU Planning « Landscape Architecture Platform | Landezine
a group of young boys standing on top of logs
Creating a Nature Play Area on a Tight Budget — POD design
Ideas — POD design
an open field with trees and grass in the foreground, surrounded by tall grasses
These 85 Landscaping Ideas Will Instantly Boost Your Home's Curb Appeal