Polymer and Mosaics - geometric shapes with pattern texture - this could work with a limited color pallet - also need to control thickness - it would be great if they could each make their own pattern stamp (bottom of shoe possibility)

Polymer and Mosaics - geometric shapes with pattern texture. Using the diy clay, have students cut out shapes with cookie cutters. Color some one of 3 colors randomly.

Gelis Ideen aus Ton - Windlichter

Ceramic trees with cut-out hears and pressed lace - pretty with a tea-light or candle

Pottery Houses I HAVE TO TRY THIS these look so cute and unusual! - Ceramika, Aberdeen UK

how to combine these shapes with the tutorial for the plaster townhouse planter.Oh, I'm gonna have to do another craft class, just so I have an excuse to play! Originals by Vesna Gusman, who sells them on Etsy, and has a whole board on pinter

Galería - Rob Sutherland Cerámica

Hand Coiled Ceramics by Rob Sutherland Carly Hollabaugh Monday, September 2013 Ceramics (C)

Decorative ceramic bowl white flowers on Etsy, $84.14

Decorative ceramic bowl white flowers

Jsem něžná ... jsem blankytně .. azurová "Tyrkysová až blankytně azurová…

I'm sweet . azure sky "turquoise to azure sky . I think I managed to create a very powerful, gentle sculpture . Brings something very charming .