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a man and woman dressed in period clothing standing next to each other on a sidewalk
a woman with long hair and white gloves holding a flower in front of her face
a woman sitting on the ground with her legs crossed, smiling at the camera and wearing jeans
a woman with long hair wearing a dress and necklaces, posing for the camera
a woman with long hair holding a flower in her hand and smiling at the camera
Thalia - Rosalinda (Official Video)
two girls standing next to each other in front of a building with flowers on the ground
a close up of a person wearing a suit and looking off to the side with a serious look on her face
a girl with long brown hair wearing a pink dress
a woman standing in front of flowers and holding a small box with a flower on it
Revisa las fotos más sexies de la cantante mexicana Thalia (Terra Chile)
a woman with very large breast posing for the camera and holding her hand up to her chest
Some photos from 1990s. (If you have more photos, add them here).