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a woman in a black dress with a bird's head on her shoulders and legs
"Dark noir crow illustration" Poster for Sale by ujinshamoney
a sculpture of a woman holding a man in her arms
Every gesture, every touch has its secret. Hermann Hesse
a white sculpture with candles in it and rope wrapped around the base, on a light grey background
Nonchalant Compilation of 31 Remarkable Images
Hand - made statues of chivalrous men
a woman's face is made out of wood and has her eyes closed to the side
Inspiration. Creativity. Wonder.
a statue of a woman holding a baseball bat on top of a stone slab in front of a white wall
Artist Creates Life-Size Sculptures Of Women Inspired By Renaissance Art, Reveals The Beauty Of Female Form
two different sculptures with faces and hair on them, one in white and the other in black
Thought-Provoking Sculpture of Split Head Reveals a Hauntingly Surreal Skull Within
a sculpture sitting on top of a stone block
Valérie Hadida - Galry