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an old newspaper with some type of text on it's front page, and someone is about to say something
Morning Motivation (21 Photos)
the words are written in multicolored letters
⋆ @rennivaler1a ⤾·˚ ༘ ◡
a quote that reads, my biggest fear is that eventually you will see me the way i see myself
☆ kayla
a quote that reads and like the moon, we must go through phases of emptness to feel full again
a sign on the side of a building that says, the happiest you've ever been won't be the happest you'll ever be read that again again
an open book with the words daring he is still a boy and you're an entire woman
Just Girly Things, Girl, Real, Haha, Happy
the words hang in there it is astounding how short a time it can take for very wonderful things to happen