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Sasha Piere

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Sasha Piere
More ideas from Sasha - R by Paul Renner.    (Source: love-letter-project)

Paul Friedrich August Renner (August 1878 – April was a typeface designer. In he designed the Futura typeface, which became one of the most successful and most-used types of the century.

You either see the letter or the girl. Don't text and drive.

Don't text and drive: you either see the letter or the danger. This is a fantastic example of how clever use of space can make a big impact. An innovative idea that really drives home the dangers of while driving. by Leo Burnett for FIAT

Helvetica Lace by Anna Farkas on Behance

So pretty + fairly easy. In photoshop, type out your letter in helvetica, then reverse it. Fill it with a patterned paper, then print. You could then do the piercing directly on the printed side, leaving this on the reverse.