"Estoy enferma de llorar, cansada de intentarlo... Si estoy sonriendo, pero en el fondo estoy muriendo"

Estou doente de choro, cansado de tentar , sim eu estou a sorrir mas por dentro estou morrendo

Shes in a mood

depressed depression suicidal suicide pain Personal help self harm self hate cutter cutting cuts sh scars secret comment to help :'( I'm dying inside

I would its not important that i dont know you<3

Join the sea and the waves and you won't be alone anymore. Your body and lips will turn blue and you'll match the oceans as you watch the light fade. But I said no and the ocean gifted me with beautiful things.


You Know Who Else Hugged? Hitler, That's Who

Ooooooh I want to send RyRy virtual hugs always and all my friends. I'd love to do that ^___^ (Especially Ryan since I hug my friends virtually all the time so . Virtual hugs to you Ryan, dream hugs to you, I sure hope he feels my hugs) XXXXXXXXXX

self hate.Sometimes I can hate myself more than anyone I've met or that has hurt me.no matter how many times or ways you try to tell me I'm worth something I wont stop.self loathing.


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