Osternest im Glas - hübsche Idee! (z.B. als kleines Give-Away für Oster-Brunch-Gäste)

DIY your Christmas gifts this year with 925 sterling silver photo charms from GLAMULET. Osternest im Glas - hübsche Idee! als kleines Give-Away für Oster-Brunch-Gäs

Ahhh ... larder storage units for my tiny kitchen cupboard. Magazine storage files from Amazon. Bliss!

15 Clever & Unusual Ways Magazine Holders Can Organize Your Life potatoes and onion storage

A new coat of paint

DIY Ombre wall, paint mixed with a dry brush. i usually dont like Ombre things, but this is really pretty!

white minimal home office

The wire mesh trend keeps growing and we love the clean lines of grid moodboards. We don't love the sharp edges though; so we've created our own wire memo board. It has all of the edginess of mesh, without the ouch.

dreamy lighting

20+ Ways to Shake Up The Look of Your Bedroom

this would actually be a really fun idea to bring light into the space. a ladder could go against the wall where the metal desk is now with string lights. it would be nice to see walking into the room from the hallway

Sunday 005 Wall Hanging

Sunday 005 is made with brass tubing and linen thread in a shade of warm putty grey. Brass components are sealed with a clear finish that helps protect from tarnishing, though they will naturally

Hallway Coat Rack - use wooden hangers

Organize Now: Simple Weekend Projects

Unique Coat Rack : Attach sawed-off wooden hangers to a board by screwing them in through the back. Add heavy-duty picture hangers to the back of the board for mounting on the wall. Throw hats on top and hang purses and coats on the hangers' hooks.

April's inspiration board

tape what inspires you to the walls of your house // inspiration board // collage // modern photography // home decor

Mason Jar Light

Perfect room lighting centerpiece for a Rustic Vintage theme. And a great tutorial for you DIY peeps. I'm SOOO in love! MaryJanes and Galoshes: Mason Jar Light Tutorial


Clothes Closet Hanger Organizing trick: Use pipecleaners to prevent clothes from slipping

Anthropologie DIY Knock Off Frame

Make It: DIY Knock-Off Anthropologie Hanging Frame

Cut a night stand in half for small spaces beside the bed

Have a small space? 1 table, cut it in half and attached each piece to the wall. What a great idea for small spaces! LOVE IT!


Oh, the delicate art of the dreamcatcher. Dreamcatchers are considered beautiful, artsy touches if you want a bohemian-chic look in your home. You've probably seen some oversized, elaborately decor.

[ shop:PGRB ] by studio:PGRB - Thalia

Thalia brass and matte opal glass shade table lamp door studioPGRB