Šárka Bondaryevová

Šárka Bondaryevová

Belieber <3 Teen wolf <3 Czech girl :))
Šárka Bondaryevová
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teenwolf: Another day, another poll won. :: hobrien :: sterek :: teen wolf :: derek hale (tyler hoechlin) x stiles stilinski (dylan o'brien) :: slash :: otp :: rps ::

Dylan O'Brien ♥ Le meilleure des acteurs *-*

Dylan O'Brien) Hey I'm stiles and I play lacrosse I am a hyperactive spaz and a big nerd. Anyway I'm too hyper but I have to take Adarole and antianxiety meds I love to have some fun so come say hi!

It's the way he looks at her.  For fifteen years he'd looked out for her.  Nothing and no one would dare touch Emma without having Will Carlson on their trails for the rest of their lives.  If you want to see why he's still carrying on, look into his eyes when he looks at his sister.  That's why.

Stiles Stilinski portrayed by Dylan O'Brien. Dylan is such a fantastic actor, remarkable the way he shows art just by his expressions!