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three different shades of green, white and grey paint swatches on top of each other
How To Confidently Choose Paint Colors: Mark’s Foolproof Methods
Don't be afraid of using two greens (or any two shades of the same color) in the same room. Just watch the base white to make sure it has same base as the two colors.
an office hallway painted in green and white with a light switch box on the wall
Peace Mural - Banyan Bridges
an image of a refrigerator with legos on it's top and bottom shelf
75+ Home Organization Ideas for a Tidier Space
several different color swatches on top of each other with paper clips attached to them
Interior And Exterior Paints
the room is being painted with different colors and patterns on it's walls, including squares
DIY Minecraft Mural
a large pipe attached to the side of a tree
7 Things We Did to Make Our Simple Treehouse Awesome - Celebrate Every Day With Me
the paint colors are different from each other
House Manor: Master Bedroom Mood Board - JandLOnline
a room with a bed, mirror and rug in the corner that has been painted teal green
Vote on A Whimsical, Sustainable, Maximalist Small/Cool Space in the Small/Cool Contest
Check out this Whimsical, Sustainable, Maximalist Small/Cool Space | Apartment Therapy
four different colors of paint that say playroom and white, green, red, black
Playroom Mood Board and Design Update - Within the Grove
the paint colors are all different shades
Tips For Picking the Perfect White Paint For Your Room - Pottery Barn
several pictures of different types of baskets made out of wood and green paint on the floor
the neutral nursery paint colors are all in shades from blue to gray, and white
15 Darling Nursery Painting Ideas for a Calming Vibe
a bedroom with mountains painted on the wall and a tent bed in the corner, next to a book shelf
Our Whole House Color Scheme (With Pictures) - Making Manzanita
Cal's little boy's nature-inspired mountain room really brings in the full spectrum of blues and greens with this colorful mountain mural. Combined with the white walls, dark navy curtains, and the cabin bed, this is such a fun room!