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a spider web in the dark with red lights
Gothic Fashion, Goth, Emo Style, Gyaru, Giyim, Emo, Model, Goth Fashion
an old book with vampire written on it's pages and the title in english
a red chair sitting in front of a mirror next to a table with candles on it
a large building with red lights on it's sides and dark clouds in the background
a red and black poster with the words your neck needs my teeth
Love Lies Bleeding
a clock tower with red curtains on it
Instagram, Demons, Lady, Female, Female Demons, Demon, Bloody, Devil Aesthetic
a nude woman with flowers in her hand
Photography: Liliroze
Punk, Nice, Feelings, Fucked Up, Anger, Sex, Death
a red and black poster with hands reaching up to a cross on top of it
The Lake, Daena Key
two caskets in a dark room with candles
Dracula's Castle Is Taking Visitors. How Quaint.