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Farmer Axel Erlandson has a very special hobby of pruning and grafting trees into exotic and curious shapes, and naming them – Circus Trees. The above image is a “Basket Tree“, and it was achieved by planting six Sycamore trees in a circular pattern and then affixing them together in a unique diamond pattern.

This is one of Axel Erlandson´s "Circus trees" located in Gilroy, California. This "basket tree" was formed by grafting six Sycamore trees together in a diamond pattern.

Natural fenomin : that's a crossing point of negative lines (vortex of earth rayons). A lot of threes are growing like that. Mostely put there by human ( on the wrong place )

Weird and Wonderful.Two baobab trees in Madagascar are wrapped around each other in eternal love for over 1000 years!

Beautifully designed Family Tree print | FREE Printable Stationery & design: Bells & Whistles Stationery

Bells & Whistles DIY Family Tree free printable from - Print, crop and fill in your family names in the spaces provided — It is that simple! The prints can be framed and put up in your home, or as a gift for a friend or family member.

Family Tree Chart shows 5-6 generations, Ancestry Chart, Pedigree Chart, Genealogy

Family Tree Chart shows generations on a inch print, Ancestry Chart, Pedigree Chart, Genealogy, Pet Pedigree