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Garlic Herb pull-apart bread (vegan!)
This vegan-friendly garlic herb pull apart bread is delicious by itself, or as a sandwich!! I love to make grilled cheese with mine. #bread #breadmaking #breadrecipe #garlicherb #garlicherbbread #delicious #recipe #recipeoftheday #loaf #loafpan #foodporn #foodstagram #flavorful #flavorpacked #homemade #homemadebreadrecipes #ad #vegan #veganrecipe #vegansidedish
All you need : • 6 eggs • salt and pepper • 24 frozen mini pancakes @eggo_us • Syrup @simpletruth4u • 12 mini breakfast sausage patties 3 slices of cheese, Any kind you prefer Directions : • 1. Preheat oven to 350 • 2. Grease up the muffin pan • 3. Crack six eggs, and beat with salt and pepper • 4. Pour egg mixture into the muffin pan and cook in the oven for 10mins • 5. While the eggs are in the oven, Grab a large skillet spray with Pam or oil cook sausage patties until browned • 6. Grab a different muffin pan or same one and coat it with butter or nonstick spray, and start layering • 7. Start with one mini pancake, one egg, one sausage, one cheese and add another mini pancake on top and brush some syrup • 8. Put in the oven for another 5-7mins 9. Serve and enjo
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