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a hand writing on a piece of paper with the words teacher trick
Miss Giraffe's Class
Use a highlighter to create instant tracing worksheets without having to use a computer… so great for helping kids with handwriting
a tray filled with different colored candies and the words blue, pink, yellow, purple
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Use a dry erase marker and a magnetic cookie sheet from the dollar store to create easy activities and fun sorts for kids
a poster with the words are you new to first grade? every single thing you need to know
Miss Giraffe's Class
New to Teaching First Grade Teacher Tips Galore!!!! This post goes over every single thing a new first grade teacher would want to know - from how to teach math broken down into how to teach math small groups, whole group, practice work, assessment, order, pacing to how to do your bulletin boards to even how to teach reading and differentiate - this covers it all!
the first year teacher tip 20 don't feel indequare if you have to take work home sometimes or stay late to catch up
Miss Giraffe's Class
First year teacher tips don't feel inadequate if you take work home from school and other great tips for new teachers
a poster with the words teachers struggling to have a quiet line? read this now
Miss Giraffe's Class
Quiet Line Activities and Ideas to help your students have amazing hallway behavior!
a sign that says changing grade levels? read these tips
Miss Giraffe's Class
Changing grade levels tips for teachers to make switching grades an easy and fun transition!